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      • Experience of opening a beauty shop, what procedure

        Opening a beauty shop may be the dream of all people who love beauty. Opening a beauty shop smoothly is a good way to start a business or get a job. First of all, we need to do a good job in the planning of opening a shop. As we all know, t...

      • Freezing point hair removal questions, freezing poi

        1. Freezing point hair removal principle: The principle is to use the concentrated laser beam to damage the hair follicle, so that the hair follicle can not regenerate and grow new hair. On the basis of laser unhairing and photon unhairing,...

      • Which is better, picosecond or super picosecond?

        Plaques are no longer exclusive to older women. Life, study, work pressure, environment and other reasons make a majority of young women also begin to grow plaques. There are many ways to remove freckles, such as internal and external appli...

      • Is it profitable to open a beauty shop now? Profit

        Novel coronavirus pneumonia dogged by bad luck in 2020 and the outbreak of floods in the south is a disaster year. The beginning of the year is so difficult that many people say that this year is not suitable for starting a business. This y...

      • How to choose beauty equipment in beauty salon?

        1. By project In the selection of beauty equipment, according to the positioning of their own shop, choose the equipment suitable for their own shop service items. For example, the more popular items in the beauty market include weight loss...

      • What are the methods for beauty salons to get custo

        New projects launched: Before opening a new beauty salon, we should do a good job in market research, which refers to the projects operated by the surrounding beauty salons. After the investigation! Will be combined with their own beauty sa...

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      Guangzhou Meiren beauty Technology Co., Ltd
      Headquartered in Guangzhou, meirenyimei is located in the birthplace of Meiye, with a perfect supply chain system. The group has five factories, with nearly 2000 employees. Meirenyimeis service standard and perfect sales and after-sales service system provide you with a full range of high-quality services such as instrument technical training, technical exchange and after-sales maintenance, It also allows people in the beauty industry to share the huge wealth brought by cutting-edge technology. The company has established a stable marketing network, and won praise from customers at home and abroad. Meiren has a senior management service team and a perfect service system. Meiren adheres to the business philosophy of people-oriented, keeping pace with the times, pursuing innovation and rapid implementation, with the business tenet of quality first, customer first, and the enterprise spirit of concentration, professionalism, enterprising and progress, to ensure the high efficiency and com...
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      • How to maintain small bubble beauty instrument

        How to maintain small bubble beauty instrument? The small bubble is a vacuum circuit formed by vacuum negative pressure using the instrument, which fully combines the ultra micro bubble with the nutrient solution. The specially designed sma...

      • Beauty salon facial care equipment refers to those?

        I believe that most female friends have a lot of skin problems. They cant solve other skin care management problems at home, so they can only go to beauty salons or skin management centers. And have never been to a beauty salon, female frie...

      • Do you know the seven differences between ultrasoun

        What are the differences between ultrasonic scalpel and hot Maggie? You must know this! Because all the people want to punch in, is Maggie suitable for herself? Dont panic. Listen to Xiao Yangs analysis one by one. 1. The principle of treat...

      • What are the common problems of postoperative skin

        After the operation, the repair is not correct. The expensive medical beauty is wasted. The medical beauty is the abbreviation of medical beauty, which refers to the repair and remodeling of human skin appearance and the shape of various pa...

      • Open a skin management shop, your real opponent is

        Skin management stores, your real opponent is not peers, in the skin management industry, beat you are often not your opponent, but all aspects of skills are hard themselves. So, how to upgrade and transform into a stronger self? 1、 Restr...

      • What are the common freckle items?

        People are paying more and more attention to skin. If you have freckles, chloasma and other freckles on your face, dont worry about it now. Xiao Yang will introduce you some recognized freckle removal projects, which will make your skin loo...

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